Sum Insured Home Contents Calculator

By providing general information about your home, the calculator will provide an estimated contents value and summary. This estimated value is calculated on a replacement basis, however the actual amount your contents are insured for will vary depending on the item insured, basis of settlement and any limits applied within the policy conditions. You can edit the calculator results to match your specific contents. After describing your house, select "Edit My Contents" to further edit for a more accurate result if you wish.

If you are in shared accommodation (for example flatting) or don't own most of the large items in your home, please choose your own bedroom (as that will contain almost all of your personal contents items) then add a small room such as a bathroom. Any other large items you own, can be added individually in the 'Edit your contents' section at the end of the calculator.

This calculator estimates the value of your home contents using values supplied by Sum Insured Pty Ltd, New Zealand and Australia's leading provider of building contents cost information.

This will take just a few minutes to complete.

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